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It's now about 1p.m. and we set the hand at 13 In this mode, the watch will show the time in military time format. It will look like this or we can set time another time zone eg which is now 8:00 and accordingly the this hand will be Show the Time another time zone but the minute we we learn of the minut power rangers watch replicae hand. In any time will know what time is it in Time Zone which you need. for example it's 12 hours and 43 minutes now. Now I'll show you backlight and and as usual in my blogs, I had to show the watch on my wrist But I'm not going to do it due too big size of this watch. It's understandably Here are the watch in the dark The Hour markers are very bright and contrasting. looks very great Unfortunately, the second hour (Red) hand is not coated with phosphor I also want to draw your attention to the fac replica watches omega planet oceant that glass is coated with a special anti reflective coating you can see a blue glare in a side view The same coating is used on expensive optics, such as cameras, lenses, glasses, etc. Well Well, perhaps that's all about this Watch Thank you for read! Till next blogs!Hey guys this is Kevin from and today we'll be reviewing the Rolex Day-Date 40 reference number 228239. We'll be going over the pricing, the dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet, clasp and we'll talk about the movement towards the end of the blog.

Okay so as of March 2018 you can get this Rolex Day-Date from authorized Rolex retailer for $37,500 plus tax. But of course here at we also strive to have the lowest prices anywhere online. So you can go ahead and check out our website for the most up to date pricing. Alright so let's go ahead and talk about.. Let's jump right into the dial now. So for the dial, the dial configuration, I currently have here in my hand is a beautiful blue dial with roman numeral hour markers. Specifically for the Day-Date there are different configurations for the dial. So, strictly speaking about the roman numeral hour marker dials, you can get it in the blue, green, white, or silver dial. If you're not really interested in the beautiful roman numerals you can also go simplistic with the index-style dial which is stick hour markers. Then you can get that with a black, silver or dark rhodium dial color. Now if you're feeling like this Day-Date isn't really popping too much for you, you can also go even more luxurious and go for diamond hour markers in place o replica watch straps omegaf the roman numerals or index hour markers.

However that is going to add about 4,500 on top of the retail pricing so you're looking at around $42,000 in retail pricing for diamond hour markers in either silver or black dial. Okay, both the Day-Date is always follow the same dial architecture even from the Day-Date two and the Day-Date 36, is that we have very simple.. We have the hour markers, with the day at the 12 o'clock position. As you can see it says Sunday. And the date at the 3 o'clock position michele watches fake. Of course you can see this is magnified by cyclops lens on the top of the sapphire crystal. It's for easier viewing of that date. The hour markers, the hour hand, minute hand and seconds hand are all fashioned out 18 carat white gold, prevent any tarnishing. And white gold is nicely high polished, so you can see beautiful shine when it comes, when light hits on those hour markers. As we move on that's that nice high polish. It's joined in with the nice high polished flooded bezel. As well as a fixed bezel so it doesn't shift around or anything. But it has been machined, and machined very beautifully. As you can see the light also reflects in different portions of that bezel as well.

The bezel itself is also made out of 18 carat white gold and as we move onto the case now, you'll see that white gold is the common theme here as actually the whole watch is actually 18 carat white gold. So the case size is a 40 millimeter case size from an index finger to my thumb here. That's 40 millimeters in diameter. Very beautiful high polish on the top of the lugs and the bottom of the lugs. Case fully made out of 18 carat white gold. Here's a size, the side profile of the case. Not too large, we'll find the sucus dress cuts very nicely. Also nice high polish on the side of the case as well. Matching with the side of the bracelet. Same can be said about the other side of the case as well. Nice high polish matching with the bracelet again.

Rolex crown logo on the crown itself. For the crown it serves various functions for the Rolex Day-Date 40. So we'll go ahead and move onto that now. So the crown itself is a screwed on to unlock double waterproofness system. Of course made out of 18 carat white gold. Unwinds counter clockwise as shown. And opens up to the standard position, in which you can wind the watch going clockwise. About 15 to 20 winds is all you need to get the watch started once more from a dead stop. Simply tugging out the crown will let you adjust the date going clockwise. As you can see at the 3 o'clock position. By going counterclockwise will adjust the day. As you can see it's just very easily, very quickly replica rolex deepsea, very smooth between the two transitions. No hiccups, okay. I'm pulling out the crown to the final position, will stop these seconds hand here. And that's stopping the seconds hand fo watch replica wholesaler precise time setting is very helpful. Such as if you want to set the time down to the exact seconds. Like such things as an atomic clock online. Then you can stop the seconds, set the hands however you like bi-directionally and set the time. Pressing the crown back in will start the seconds hands once more and always make sure screw the crown in nice and tight in against the case as you want to keep this watch water resistant of 100 meters or 330 feet. And also of course you don't want that crown sticking out and you want it to be nice and tight against the case. Alright, so lets go ahead and move onto the bracelet now. Of course the most unique identifier of the Day-Dates is the president bracelet. It's a specific bracelet made for Day-Dates. Travels back to the Day-Date 36, the Day-Date 2, now Day-Date 40 we have the president's bracelet. Which is kind of a mixture of a jubilee and oyster bracelet together. Oyster in the sense that it's made out of a three piece sling.

So we have the three piece slings, we have the nice sand finished 18 carat white gold on the edges, are rather on the outer parts of the three piece slings. All we have this beautiful high polish that travels down the center and nice contrasting to that brushed look. And that contrast really brings out the shine. More out of the lugs of the watch, as you can see, and more out of the bracelet. Jubilee in style in the sense that the links themselves are semi-circular. You can see semi-circular links. And it follows a similar bracelet style in which the links are shown throughout the whole bracelet. There's no interruptio should i buy a replica watchn by the oyster style clasp. And what we have instead is the Rolex concealed folding clasp, located by the crown logo here. This is the where the clasp is located and this is how the bracelet is opened up. And it opens nicely to reveal this high polished clasp blades with the Rolex name and boss onto the clasp plates themselves. So once again let me show you that closed up. Beautiful continuous bracelet, one that's closed up. You can see the clasp is hidden behind the bracelet as so. And let me open that up once more for you guys. There you are. Okay so very simple bracelet but absolutely gorgeous style. Like I said president bracelet only unique to the Day-Date 40. Or rather the Rolex Day-Date line,

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The straps come across as modern when you hold it in your hand. distinguished and genuine. I never see you with a new one. That's true. Out of this collection I'd always chose my golden one, to be honest. Or one of my other favorites, the Patrizzi, because it looks great with a black dial. But that is something very subjective. Often people come to our shop to take a look both at old and modern watches at the same time. One of the really fascinating things is that we carry products of the last 60, 70 years. And one thing I frequently notice, when people pick up a watch from the sixties or the seventies, is their amazement at how little they weigh and at the sound of the watches, especially the straps. Here is the platinum one. Almost no sound. It is great to listen to these watches. The early ones oscillate at a frequency of 19 to 20 thousand while the latest models are 28 thousand. Correct. The modern ones tick very fast, sounding ticki ticki ticki. The old ones almost remind one of a pocket watch, with a very soft tick tock tick tock. You can feel it when you pull the crown, which is always a little snappy. Yes. It runs, yes. The new crown runs very smoothly. But then again, that's the magic of it. You really have to pick up and touch these products to get a feeling for them and their quality. People actually wear these. You've got to see it. They all enjoy driving their cars with these watches. Of cours tag heuer how to spot a fake e you can. And it looks great if you get out of your old Porsche or Ferrari wearing a chronograph made the same year. For the sake of it, it doesn't really matter if you wear a Heuer chronograph o Best Replica Watches r a Rolex. These things are good for everyday use.

You can put them on any time, except in the water. You have to be careful about humidity with these old watches. But otherwise, they are made for any situation. They best cheap replica watches are shockproof, screw tight, the casings are massive, you can wear them every day. That's an important point with watches from the 70s and 80s: they are fully operational. Products from before the 40s, those were made differently, you have to concede. But after that, they're just fantastic. I wonder where the development goes next? What is left for Rolex to improve? Exactly, this is a question we always ask. Because by now, these watches run for almost three days and they are absolutely water proof. I can only think of one thing to come: that the watches will no longer need servicing. At large intervals of ten to 15 years, maybe. That would be some progress. Just as they did with cars which can run 50.000 kilometers without service. Right. 20 years wthout an oil change, that's something I'd like to see with the new watches. In our three part series we have dealt with Rolex Daytona Cosmographs since 1962 . There are more models, of course, that we were replica watch strap unable to show. But by and large we have presented a nice cross section and would be happy if you, the audience, will stay tuned with us.Hello dears. Today I'm talking to you from a completely different place than usual. I left best fake rolex review my famous armchair and I'm now sitting where I usually do live blogs for you, and I have to tell you that I'm not alone here.

Behind me there's Lordson, who is sleeping, he really likes spending time here, especially during the day when he's lying around, so we're here together. And Ulisses is here as well, you can't see him now though, and I don't know where Aston has gone, so I can't tell you right now. But what topics would I like to discuss today? First of all, I would like to moan a bit because I'm not sure if you know, but I hate going to the post office, and unfortunately today I had to go there. And that was because some brand, which apparently doesn't like me, had sent me a contact to sign by registered letter. I always joke that if someone doesn't like you or if you don't like someone, send them something by registered post because it often happens that the postman doesn't bother to go up to a certain floor and deliver that post. And I'm that kind of person who is always at home in the morning, but because the postman is to lazy again to deliver my letter himself, I had to go the the post office and waste my time, which is something I hate doing. But fortunately, I finally have this contract now, I haven't opened it yet,

I just have to sign it and send it back. So that's how my day started - from the visit at the post office. The next topic I want to discuss is much more serious and it will relate to health checkups. Where did the idea of discussing this in a vlog come from? I'm going to explain it now. So I always thought that every woman who looks after herself, takes care of herself not only in terms of her physical appearance, but also in terms of her health. I, for example, regularly visit different doctors and I get different tests done. The tests that I recently got done were a cervical screening, breast screening, gynaecological ultrasound scan, blood test, etc. And I was very surprised when, just like that, I shared a photo on Snapchat with the caption "gynaecological scan" and text: "ladies, remember to get checked out", and I noti ced that many people took screenshots of my snap and that made me think about it. After that, some of you contacted me saying 'thank you' for reminding you about that. And I wasn't aware that someone may not know, that someone may not get those tests done, that someone may not be aware that regular health checks may help to prevent illness or even death. However, it seems that many women, including some of my viewers for sure, do not get checked out. So, I decided to take advantage of that coincidental fact that I was getting those tests done, and that I took those snaps and that many people contacted me regarding this matter to remind you, my dear ladies,

to get checked out because there's nothing wrong in medical checkups and they're worth doing in order to stay in good physical and mental condition. And that one derives from the fact that you feel good and you are healthy. So that's all I wanted to say at the beginning, I'm not going to discuss those topics any longer, I just wanted to talk about that because I thought it was quite important. I never do that because my channel is mainly about beauty and lifestyle related topics, but as I said before, I just thought it was an obvious thing that a woman who is well-groomed, looks after different aspects of her life, not only the ones related to her appearance. Okay, another thing I wanted to talk about is this huge box, which was delivered to me a couple of days ago and which I got as a present from my dear friend Joasia, who you know from my birthday party and not only that. I will leave a link to the blog post about my 30th birthday in the description box so you can check her out and read about that party. And Asia sent me this huge box, which contains a few different, interesting things, I suppose. And she did that as a thank you for sending her, as I mentioned before in one of my vlogs, some stuff from Bath & Body Works and I was waiting to do an unboxing of this package until I was doing a vlog,

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