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They finally dropped the same ceramic bezel that was on this model on the yellow version, which for me, as I said in the past, the whole ceramic bezel thing kind of added new life to the whole line. To the stainless steel models as well as now these yellow ones on a strap. And one of the most important features of these watches that changed is the new Oysterflex strap. And that is where the problem is for me. There's something about this strap that has these two little rubber gills, that just doesn't convince me. I like it. I've said it in the past that it took Rolex forever to finally incorporate a rubber strap and ceramic and gold and this and it's already been done. AP and Hublot led the game of ceramic, gold and rubber, but Rolex showed up in a very late, classy fashion, but the one thing that bothers me really, because this for example, this Paul Newman Daytona right here, with the Paul Newman dial, I like this one the best. I think this watch is stunning.

I love the rubber strap, but the problem that I don't like is these things down here. I just don't like them. I feel like the strap sits too high on your wrist and as crazy as this might sound, I had to fight this urge to get an X-acto knife and slice those right off! I think if I owned one of these watches, that's probably what I would do. Because, personally, I feel like the Rubber B, Rubber B brand, you know they make after-market straps for Rolexes, they fit good. It has a very similar look and it doesn't have these flaps down here. Look guys, we can go over and over on the comments and the theory of why they put the rubber with the little flaps on the bottom. I just think it's ridiculous. There's really no need for it! Rolex can go around and come up with these abstract explanations and some of the purists can try to explain it to me, I just don't like it.

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I don't like the way it looks. I feel like it sits on your wrist weird and I've tried the Yacht-Master, for example, which is the first one with the Oysterflex, and I just can't do it! I feel like the strap sits too high. If any of you guys feel the same way, let me know how you feel on the comments of this blog. I love the watches. This one with the diamonds, not so much. I think it's very sporty to have diamonds, so whatever, fine! Nevertheless, it's a cool watch. Oh, which by the way, this rose model that came with the leather strap, this is exactly what it needed.

A rubber strap a long time ago. But, you know what? Something about those little things that just drives me nuts. Maybe it's just me. Feel free to let me know how you feel on this blog, on how you feel about the new Daytonas with the ceramic bezel and, most importantly, the Oysterflex strap. If you liked this blog, please like and share. Also, remember to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, Watch Your Style!Welcome to Replica Magic, today we're going to be doing a comparison between the new and the old. This is a Rolex Submariner Two-Tone Blue, versus the newer style Rolex Submariner Two-Tone Blue Ceramic. Here we go. Here's the watch. Bam! The watch itself as you can probably notice first of all, that it comes with a different type of box.

On my left is a new 2015 or later box, and on my right is the older 2004 to 2000 and, I'm sorry 1990-2004 box. Take a look at this box, Take a look at this watch so you can see it side by side. And those are the two watches side by side. Now you're probably wondering whoa, what is the difference? Why would I want a 2004 versus this 2016? Now I'm going to show you the difference so that you guys can make a decision at home which one fit watch replica paypals best for you. Now this one my left is the 2016, and this one on my right is the 2004, Okay. So let's take a look at them side by side a little bit closer. And I'm gonna go through each part of this. Now the first thing you should notice is probably this circular thing. And this circular thing that my thumb is pointing to is called the bezel.

Now the bezel on my left is gonna be made of ceramic. You're wondering well what is ceramic? Well it's kind of like the stuff that your dishes are made out of, but it's a much harder compound than what your dishes are made out of, and it also doesn't scratch and it doesn't fade with time. It doesn't fade with any sun exposure, and it's always gonna look the same no matter what. Now the one on my right is gonna be made of aluminum. Now they made this aluminum type bezel, pretty much all the way until 2007. And the aluminum bezel will scratch, it will fade with time, and it will dent. So that's another reason why you might wanna go with a 2016. Now what you'll also notice when you see these watches side by side is the hour markers. What do you notice about the one on the left, where my finger's pointing to? Well the one on the left has fatter hour markers, and those hour markers are called Maxi Dial. And the reason it's fatter is because, well don't you notice the one on the right is kinda harder to see? It's supposed to be a tool watch, a diver watch that you can see when you're underwater. Well it might be kinda hard to see this one on the right with these smaller hour markers as opposed to this one on the left.

Now they both have the same cyclops, what I mean they have the same cyclops they have the same 2.5 magnificatio high quality rolex replica n, that hasn't changed okay? Now what else you'll notice here is the case. Now I've turned the watch sideways, what do you immediately notice about the case? Well the one on the left is the 2016, and it's a lot fatter. The one on the right is a lot skinnier. Now in actuality though, the diameter of both of these watches are going to be what size? Do you guys know at home? Well I have this super measuring stick here, that can tell me exactly how much. Now for those who already know this watch know that it's gonna be 40, I've gone ahead and measured i swiss replica watches reviewst and take a look at that guys, exactly 40.1 okay? And that's the diameter going from left to right.

Now I'm going to measure the other one, the 2004 and although it looks smaller it's actually the same. 39.4 it's probably within the margin of error. Okay? And it's actually the same diameter going from one side of the bezel, to the other side of the bezel. It actually says 39.6 but that's within the margin of error. Okay, so even though the lugs are fatter, that doesn't mean that the watch itself is actually bigger. Although it appears to be bigger because of the fatter lugs. Now let's take a look at the width of the watch. The width is important because that's how it's gonna sit when you're wearing it under you bentley replica watchr suit or your cuff, the cuff of your suit, excuse me. So that's a 12 millimeter which is very very similar to the new style Datejust okay? And that's one of the reasons people lik audemars piguet replica watchese to wear Rolex is 'cause they're thin, they're not humongous like Breitlings which don't fit underneath your cuff.

The first thing that I was looking for when I wanted to see this watch was, I wanted to see the finish, and I realized that they have a flawless finish. Very well made, I mean, it's all about attention to detail with this type of watch. I just feel like no single detail was left unattended. What Jacob Arabo did along with watchmaker Luca Soprana was just pretty much history in my opinion in the making. This is such an abstract concept and something so out-of-the-box that, for me, it's just Wow. I mean I finally have them for you today and I wanna go over a couple of different ones with you. So one of the first things that I realize right off the back when I finally had it in my hand was the sheer size of it. I wouldn't call it massive because there are some romain jerome titanic dna replica watch watches that I will call massive, but this one just has a good size for being so big because a lot of it is glass. A lot of it is sapphire crystal. You pretty much have almost a 360-degree view of the movement. So that's the first thing that I noticed. I said, Man, they're a lot bigger than they look. Because you're seeing things on photos on the Internet and stuff like that. So the first thing I realized was the size. By no means that I feel like it was too big, OK? Like some of those older watches that were like way too big, this doesn't feel like that because a lot of it is transparent. This particular model here is the Astronomia Tourbillon. It's limited to 18 pieces and the retail price is $540,000.

Something I wanna point about these watches here is besides the fact that Jesus Christ [bleeping] looks like this. I mean, nothing looks like this. This is probably the most unique looking watch of this decade for sure. There's a lot of engineering that went in there, OK? Everybody told them they couldn't do it. They made it happen. They were able to develop and execute this watch in two years and for me personally, I find that to be completely remarkable. Just considering everything that goes into it and once you look at it and actually see it function, for me that's just amazing. This watch is actually rotating on its axis all the way around, so the whole entire thing is spinning around the watch as you look at it. That alone is already like a complication obviously on its own. Some of the things that originally inspired these watches that they wanted a 360-degree view and they wanted it to be inspired by space. So Jacob himself comes up with the original design concept and then watchmaker Luca Soprana and his team execute it all the way through, and Jesus Christ, what a job did they do! I mean, it's out of control! This particular model top watch replica is a 50mm case, rose gold and it's got a gravitational 3-axis tourbillon, which is...guys you gotta do your homework. Trust me that's not a standard thing. The first thing that I asked when I saw it is I said, Where is the barrel? Because it's all so well made and so thought out that I thought, Where is the barrel? But I realized that the barrel is actually in the bottom of the base in the center of the whole axis of this whole system. Something about this watch just feels so outer-space to me that I think they obviously hit the theme right on the head, OK? And, it's got an actual magnesium ball that signifies Planet Earth and on the opposite end there is a one carat diamond that has 208 facets cut.

Now, this started out as a four-carat diamond, you know a four-carat rock, and by the time it's cut down to its current state, 1 carat. I'm telling you guys. This is what comes into a crazy watch. This type of work. This type of dedication and you gotta go above and beyond, OK? It has a sixty-hour power reserve and it takes 20 minutes for this to do a complete rotation all the way around. Something that looks pretty slow, when you're sitting there and staring at it, but as I had a chance to wear it most of the day, it's pretty interesting because, every time you look at your wrist, it's in a different position and for me, it's just...I can't stop staring at it. I don't know what to tell you! The other model that I have for you is the Triangular Baguette Astronomia. This is pretty much the same specifications as the first one I talked about, 50-mm case, all the same things I was talking about. The only thing is it has 24 carats of custom-set baguettes, all in triangular shape and it's simply stunning. I mean, something about this watch as I noticed replica watch review station it today is that I've never seen a watch with so much ice, but fake rolex cosmograph daytona it is done so tasteful, like, I don't know how to explain it. Maybe it's obviously the cuts, but it just doesn't look like a fully-flooded watch. It has so many diamonds, but I guess the way that it's all incorporated and it's all the background and the lugs, I feel like it's pretty amazing the way that they executed so many diamonds. Here on the sides is almost like transparent.

It's all in there. The background is amazing because when you look at it, in between every one of those triangles, is another two triangular cut baguettes, making each one of those triangles. With a retail price of $1.3 million is obviously for some of the more serious players in the Watch Game. And one thing I wanna point out is that both of these pieces being crazy watches seem to be more like watches you would probably wear a handful of times a year or maybe once or twice a month. But then we go on to the 44.5 millimeter Astronomia Solar Planets. Now, this particular model definitely caught my attention. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw it and I wore it is I said, You know what? This is the crazy watch that's a daily driver! That's just kind of the effect that I got from it. It has a little bit more of a shorter raymond weil replica watches profile, little bit smaller case and it just didn't seem as delicate as the other ones, OK? That part of having a crazy watch...they're gonna be a little bit delicate. It's not gonna be for every day, but this particular watch for m fake Watches e seems to be the one that you could just wear every day, day in and day out if you want to, you know? It's up to you. At this point, you do whatever you want with these watches. Now, this particular watch has something that the other ones don't have.

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